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How Dangerous Is River Rafting?
Thrilling but can be dangerous
if watch the news and read the news about accidents involving adventure pursuits, then its possible at some stage you will see headlines about some fatality on a white water rafting trip.
However, the thrilling sport has had its share of tragic accident where because of lack of enough safety measures or the inability to tackle higher grade rapids, some lives have been lost to the river. Any fresher's should pick for the rafting points Raison to Babeli, Pirdi to Bhuntar , Bhuntar to Bajaura or other points with less distance of 2.5 and 3.5 km, as Manali to Kullu rafting has more distance to cover with erratic and dangerous rapids in between.
With all its dangers, a splash of freezing cold glacial water from the Himalayas in summers is a life time thrilling experience .

Gaurav Thakur

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