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Top 10 Amaging Facts About Himachal Pradesh That You Have To Know.
1. Himachal Pradesh proudly holds the title of being the second least corrupt state of India after Kerala.
2. Manali–Leh National Highway is the highest motor able road in the world.
3. Shimla Kalka toy train and The Great Himalayan national Park are the world heritage sites.
4. Himachal Pradesh is the land of deities. Almost every village has its own Gods and Goddesses which the local people rigorously worship.
5. The Highest Village in The World Kibber, in Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Situated at an elevation of 4850m
6. In 2016 Kullu Nati folk Dance Registered in Guinness Book of World Records
7. Malana is one of the oldest Democracy of the world
8. Himachal has a vast potential of Hydro Power generation with a estimated capacity of 25,000 MW.
9. Himachal Pradesh on 2 July 2013 was declared as the first Smoke-free state of the country. "Smoking in Public Places is Prohibited in the state.
10. Solan is known as the 'Mushroom City' for Mushroom Production, This is also one of the fastest growing hill town in Asia.
11. Himachal Pradesh is the second largest producer of apple in the country after Jammu & Kashmir. Himachal Pradesh currently produces  about Rs.2500 crores
12. Some famous celebrities associated with entertainment industry and sports from Himachal are Anupam Kher, Preity Zinta, Kangna Ranaut, Mohit Chauhan, Yami Gautam, Rubina Dilaik.
13. Deepak Thakur (Hockey) , Vijay Kumar (Shooting), Samresh Jung (Shooting),Anuja Jung(Shooting), Suman Rawat (Athletics), Great Khali (WWE) and Ajay Thakur (Kabaddi) have represented India in respective sports.

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